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OPTIMAL Data Import Specification

If you need to import data into OPTIMAL from a source other than the SPARC Parenting Time Tracker spreadsheet, this information will help you do that. In general, it's best to copy your data into a spreadsheet format to make it easy to import.

  1. General Data Format: Data imported into OPTIMAL must be 'tab delimited'. This means that there must be an actual tab character in between each of the data fields (detailed below).

  2. Number of Data Fields: The OPTIMAL import engine expects a total of 11 fields to be present in each row or 'day' of data. Fields may be empty, but they must all be present.

  3. Required Fields: The required fields are (in order): Scheduled Start, Scheduled Stop, Scheduled Hours, Visit Type, NP Time, Actual Start, Actual Stop, Actual Hours, Expenses, Mileage, and Remarks.

  4. Detailed Data Field List
    FieldPositionData TypeFormatExample
    Scheduled Start1Hours & minutesH:MM am/pm5:25 pm
    Scheduled Stop2Hours & minutesH:MM am/pm6:30 am
    Scheduled Hours3Decimal hours & minutesH.MM4.6
    Visit Type4Text (up to 10 chars)AnyAny text
    NP Time5Decimal hours & minutesH.MM5.8
    Actual Start6Hours & minutesH:MM am/pm11:25 am
    Actual Stop7Hours & minutesH:MM am/pm3:15 pm
    Actual Hours8Decimal hours & minutesH.MM6.5
    Expenses9Decimal numberxxxx.xx28.50
    Mileage10Decimal number (up to 9 digits)xxxxxxx.xx125.8
    Remarks11Text (up to 2000 chars)AnyAny text

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