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OPTIMAL Product Comparison

OPTIMAL is the most advanced custody tracking tool available anywhere. We're so certain that the OPTIMAL system is better than anything else that we invite you to compare OPTIMAL's features with the other products that claim to do the same thing.

Product Comparison Table
FeatureOPTIMALService #1*Service #2*
Designed specifically for tracking parenting time?
Designed specifically for use in court?
Clear, time-stamped records
Generates graphs for use in court
Generates charts for use in court
Statistical Reporting capability
Schedule events every-other-week?
Schedule repeat events by any number of days???
Password protected calendar?
Private Journal
Track Non-Parental time???
Display time distribution for each parent???
Track other people present???
Track related expenses?
Track child support payments?
Graph expenses by month/year?
Graph child support payments?
Track Expense descriptions?
Track mileage expenses?
Display monthly percentage of contact???
Track overnight visits?
Track childrens mood?
Track telephone calls?
Track denied visitation?
Track visit type?
Track visit location???
Automatically calculate time?
Mutiple note areas?
Search notes & events???
Set event flags?Limited
Web-enabled (no software to install)
Use with any browser?N/A
Use with any operating system?
Print & Export data?Limited
Imports the SPARC spreadsheet?Limited
Private Message Center
Tasks and Notes Module
Email, & Phone alerts
Save/Backup your own data?
'At-A-Glance' Home Page?
Extensive FAQ/Help System
Endorsed by SPARC?
Endorsed by Reena Sommer & Associates?
Endorsed by Mens News Daily?
Endorsed by TeamDad.com?
Order securely by Phone or Credit Card?PayPal onlyPayPal only

Without a doubt, OPTIMAL beats the others hands-down. OPTIMAL is the 'industrial strength' custody tracking application, designed specifically for use in court. OPTIMAL is also the only custody tool endorsed by SPARC, one of the world's leading divorce and custody sites.

* The names of these products have been removed due to 'copyright and liability' issues.

Order securely with any of these:

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