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About ParentingTime.net

ParentingTime.net was created to fulfill the needs of divorced or separated parents to accurately track and manage parenting time with their children. We worked closely with parenting professionals, child therapists, and attorneys to develop a service that is both powerful and easy to use.

The service we created is a web application called "OPTIMAL", which stands for Online Parenting Time Information Manager and Access Log.

OPTIMAL is suitable for use by either or both parents, and can help reduce or eliminate many of the typical conflicts that often arise between divorced or separated parents involving children. OPTIMAL does this in several important ways:

  1. By providing a reliable means to track the parenting time spent with children, OPTIMAL can help eliminate arguments over the distribution or parenting time and the children's schedule with both parents. If one parent is interfering with parenting time, OPTIMAL can track this in a clear, measurable way and this information can be used in court or negotiations to help put a stop to it.
  2. OPTIMAL facilitates communication between parents without having to involve parents directly in face-to-face confrontations or on the phone. Dealing with the other parent can be difficult at times, and OPTIMAL's Private Message Center provides a "buffer" that helps take stress and emotion of of the picture. The Private Message Center is also a great way for children to communicate with a parent without the need for email.
  3. By sharing information parents can often avoid conflicts. OPTIMAL gives parents several ways to do this, including an online File Storage system. Scanned bills or other items (report cards, documents, pictures, etc) can be uploaded and shared securely between parents, and parents can leave comments for each item as needed.
  4. OPTIMAL has helped thousands of families and can make a huge difference in the way things work for you too.

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