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List of standard features included with OPTIMAL

Tracker Module
  • Tracks scheduled parenting time and actual time
  • Automatically detects and flags denied visitation
  • Automatically detects and flags partial visitation
  • Automatically counts and displays overnights
  • Time-stamped for use in court
  • Records and tracks the following events and information:
    • Visit Date
    • Parent or Guardian present
    • Visit type (Regular, Late, Missed, Supervise, Phone, 1st Refusal, Denied, Other, plus 2 Custom labels)
    • Visit location (Home, Vacation, Park, School, Doctor, Restaurant, Other, plus 2 Custom labels)
    • Scheduled Start time
    • Scheduled Stop time
    • Scheduled Hours
    • Actual Start time
    • Actual Stop time
    • Actual Hours
    • Non-Parental time
    • Children's mood (arriving)
    • Children's mood (departing)
    • Other people present (family, friends, etc)
    • Mileage
    • Expense items
    • Expense amount
    • Children present (tracks up to 4 children)
    • General Remarks (free form text notes #1)
    • Activities Record (free form text notes #2)
  • Current day's entry displayed on Homepage
  • Pop-up Mini-Calendar to help schedule time
  • Update and Edit screen allows unlimited editing or revising of information
  • Integrated Spell-Check for both the 'General Remarks' and 'Activities Record' text
  • Day and Date display
  • Selectable icon flags for: 'Alerts', 'Special Note', 'Health Issues', 'Phone Calls', 'Home', 'Financial', 'Okay', 'Trouble', 'Other', 'Reminder', 'Meeting', and 'Birthday'
  • Automatically marks date ranges
  • Monthly statistical summary
  • Search feature- find a specific entry in a note or remark field
  • Imports the SPARC Parenting Time Tracker spreadsheet!
Calendar Module
  • View events month-by-month
  • Attach multiple notes to any calendar day
  • Marked days are highlighted- see your schedule at a glance
  • Easy entry of repeating events:
    • Repeat events every X number of days
    • Repeat events every X number of weeks
    • Repeat events every X number of months
    • Repeat events only on weekdays
    • Repeat events on the '3rd Tuesday' of any month (for example)
    • Repeat events on 'first' and 'last' named days of the month
    • Repeat events on a specific day of any month, i.e the 21st day
    • Repeat events once per year (birthdays, anniversaries, etc)
  • Configurable termination date for repeating events
  • Current day highlighted separately
  • Integrated Spell-Check
  • Pop-up Mini-Calendars are linked to the main calendar
  • Guest feature allows viewing (but not altering) the calendar
  • Guest feature is configurable by you- turn it on or off as desired
  • Leave email or www links for guests in your calendar
  • Send your Guest link to someone directly from the calendar
  • View any month, convenient for working out advance scheduling
  • Calendar is printable- print it out and give copies to your kids
Private Message Center
  • Secure communication center
  • Exchange unlimited messages with guests you authorize
  • Optional password protection
  • Enable/Disable message center
  • Optional notification of new messages:
    • Send new message alerts to/from your kids, attorney, etc
    • Send new message alerts to any email address
    • Send new message alerts to your text-messaging phone
    • Send new message alerts to your ICQ account
  • Integrated Spell-Check for message text
  • Delete messages whenever you want
  • Saves copies of messages in Sent Mail folder
  • Message Center status panel
  • Time-stamped message entries
Private Journal
  • Large, fully editable screen
  • Clear, uncluttered display
  • Journal is searchable by:
    • Title field
    • Keywords field
    • Journal field
  • Integrated Spell-Check for Journal text
  • Time-stamped entries
  • Selectable icon flags for: 'Alerts', 'Special Note', 'Health Issues', 'Phone Calls', 'Home', 'Night', 'Okay', 'Trouble', 'Other', 'Reminder', 'Meeting', and 'Birthday'
Contacts / Address Book
  • Fully editable, change any field as needed
  • Clear, uncluttered display
  • Each contact has the following fields:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Middle Initial
    • Home phone
    • Work phone
    • Cell phone
    • FAX
    • Pager
    • Email address (1)
    • Email address (2)
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • ZIP
    • URL or homepage
    • Notes / Comments (free form text notes)
    • Integrated Spell-Check for Notes / Comments
Tasks & Notes Module
  • Add tasks and notes as needed
  • Task Priority icon display (Low, Medium, High)
  • Task Priority display on Homepage
  • Set Task or Note details (free form text notes)
  • Integrated Spell-Check
  • Set display title
  • Set time and date
  • Set Priority
  • Search tasks- find a specific task or note easily
  • Task and Note date confirmation dialog
  • Integrated calendar display
Print & Export Module
  • Print by month and year
  • Print icon flags option
  • Color or 'printer-friendly' black and white mode
  • Print flush right option
  • Pages formatted for standard 8.5" x 11.0" paper
  • Add your own title or text to printouts
  • Export Tracker data to Excel spreadsheet format
  • Export Address Book to Excel spreadsheet format
  • Export Tasks & Notes to Excel spreadsheet format
Statistics Module
  • Yearly summary of events and parenting time
  • Individual tracking of:
    • Scheduled Time
    • Actual Time
    • Time Difference
    • Visit type (Regular, Denied, Late, Missed)
    • Overnights
    • Mileage
    • Expenses
  • Monthly Jump-To links
  • Configurable full-color graphs:
    • Parenting Time by Month (bar graph)
    • Denied Visits by Month (bar graph)
    • Overnights by Month (bar graph)
    • Days Per Month with Contact (bar graph)
    • Yearly Parenting Time Distribution (pie graph)
    • Monthly Percentage of Contact (bar graph)
    • Expenses by Month (bar graph)
    • Mileage by Month (bar graph)
  • Graph configuration options:
    • Graph size
    • Graph colors
    • Graph bar shadow on/off
    • Value display on/off
    • 3-D or flat pie graph display
Personal Settings Module
  • Parent first name
  • Parent last name
  • Children's name (track up to 4 children)
  • Home phone
  • Work phone
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP code
  • Mileage Rate
  • Custom Labels- 2 for 'Visit Type', 2 for 'Location'
  • Change password online
  • Set Guest Calendar to 'Public', 'Private', or 'Public with password'
  • Enable/disable Private Message Center
  • Enable/disable new message notification to email, phone, or ICQ
  • Set Calendar title
Homepage Display
  • Integrated calendar display
  • Current day's Parenting Log link
  • Current day's Task & Note(s) display
  • Task and Note priority display
  • Status display for Calendar, Private Message Center, and Email Alerts
Online Help System
  • Detailed online help for each section of the Tracker
  • Example 'How To' sections for common tasks
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Section
  • Encrypted password storage
  • Strong, cookie-based page authentication
  • Color-coded controls and information displays
  • Secure mySQL database backend
  • Secure logout

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OPTIMAL™ is a trademark of ParentingTime.net

Want to see what it looks like? Test-drive the demo and see what OPTIMAL can do for you.

The Tracker is where you keep detailed records of the parenting time you actually received.

The Calendar lets you schedule parenting time and can be shared with your guests.

The Private Message Center provides a secure way for you to communicate and collaborate with your guests.

The Private Journal is a safe, password-protected place for you to keep a diary or personal record of events.

The Contacts / Address Book is like a searchable cardfile for names and numbers you want to have close at hand.

The Tasks List lets you set reminders for yourself and keeps track of meetings and other time-sensitive events.

The Print & Export screens let you make printouts of your Tracker records and also lets you download them for your own use.

The Statistics Module produces full-color charts and graphs that show your parenting time in an easy to understand format.

The Personal Settings screen lets you tailor exactly how OPTIMAL will work for you and your guests.

The Homepage display shows all of today's events, notes, and tasks neatly grouped in one place for your convenience.

The Online Help can answer virtually any question you have about OPTIMAL and includes numerous step-by-step guides.